Claire Panger Massage

Claire Panger, LMT, graduated from Cortiva Institute in July 2010, is a member of ABMP, and a Board Certified member of NCBTMB. She dove into massage therapy work full time in the beginning of 2011. She has experience working in a  variety of places including 5-star hotels, wellness centers and chiropractic offices, as well as seeing clients in a private office. One of her favorite aspects of bodywork is the problem-solving and detective work involved in locating where discomfort originates and she loves the journey toward ever-deepening the assessment skills required for this task.  Claire has followed this leaning into a Continuing Education course on Myofascial Trigger Points, learning a new modality of bodywork, Structural Integration (her blog chronicles her adventures with Structural Integration), and most recently exploring Precision Neuromuscular Technique, founded by Doug Nelson.

Ultimately, Claire finds great satisfaction in partnering with her clients in the journey toward a deeper embodied present (as Philip Shepherd would say), and regards massage/bodywork as the privilege to help empower the innate sense of self-healing within each client. On a global scale, she loves bodywork (at its best) for what it gives a person access to: deeper connection with self, others, and our planet. A sort of magic happens when we connect deeply with something… we begin to love it and want to take care of it. It is Claire’s deepest hope that her work will contribute in some way to this phenomenon. When she is not doing bodywork, she is most likely doing AcroYoga.