Claire Panger holds a diploma in Structural Integration from the Chicago College of Healing Arts. Structural Integration, a 10-session Postural Re-alignment program designed by Ida Rolf, aims to align bone structure via soft tissue manipulation three-dimensionally. Alignment and balance are accomplished and retained through education on economy and ease of movement.

Claire is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and specializes in Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular pain-reduction techniques, and TMJD (jaw pain from joint dysfunction or general clenching). She does not underestimate the healing power of a good relaxation massage and often weaves relaxation techniques into her therapeutic work as well. One of her favorite aspects of bodywork is the problem-solving and detective work involved in locating where discomfort originates and she loves the journey toward ever-deepening the assessment skills required for this task. She has been in practice since July 2010.

Claire regards massage/bodywork as the privilege to help empower the innate sense of self-healing within each client. As one of her mentors often said: “There is only One of us here; any healing you do for yourself, you do for the collective.” In our chaotic times, during which we must continuously decide which reality to live into, healing- dissolving the illusion of separateness- can be a radical act.

It is Claire’s deepest hope that her work will be in service to this. When she is not doing bodywork, she is most likely spending time with her dog Finn, or her beloved, Davin.