Massage Therapy

The list you see below are some of the tools in my massage therapy tool box. In reality, I often blend them all together to tailor a massage session based on your needs. Some definitions, so we can talk:

Swedish: While this term can reference a specific set of strokes, and is the foundation of most Western massage, it is most commonly remembered as the full-body relaxation massage treatment. Using long, gliding strokes with lotion, it will enhance circulation and leave one feeling rejuvenated. It is a good tune-up.

Therapeutic/Neuromuscular: These terms usually refer to a massage aimed at reducing specific muscle pains, adhesions, and areas of chronic strain.  After a brief intake, I will develop a treatment plan for that session, and possibly subsequent sessions, depending on how chronic the pain has been. Massage methods, such as trigger point therapy and transverse friction, will be used to access and more deeply affect specific muscles. This kind of massage usually requires a lot more teamwork with regards to finding and appropriately addressing the muscles involved with your discomfort. Self-care recommendations are often given at the end.

Myofascial: This term refers to the connective tissue surrounding all of your muscles, called fascia. When the layers of fascia become stuck together due to chronic strain, they create restrictions in mobility and posture. The aim of this massage is to melt through the layers of adhered fascia to restore hydration and mobility. This massage therapy is done without lotion and can sometimes feel like not much is happening while we are waiting for tissues to warm, to feeling like a gentle stretch of the skin. It is slow and specific, with an emphasis on structural re-alignment.

TMJD protocol: This protocol treats internal jaw muscles  and external jaw, head, and face muscles that contribute to temporomandibular joint pain and pain associated with general jaw clenching. Unresolved neck and head pain can also be related to jaw pain.

*Prices vary upon location, please ask for details

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