Office Chair Massage

Looking for a way to give back to your employees?

Do you wish you could eliminate the distraction and frustration of neck, shoulder, or back pain while at work? Are you looking for a solution that makes working at a desk physically sustainable?

Do you wish “breaks” at work were truly restorative, giving employees the calm and focus needed to readdress their work?

Bring the benefits of chair massage and learning proper sitting posture to your office to let your employees know you are thinking of them and value them.

Chair massage can:


-Relieve tension patterns associated with sitting at a desk all day- specifically low back, upper back, shoulder and neck pain

-Increase focus and presence of mind

-Promote letting go of stress accumulated by work week

-Improve body awareness, which improves posture and a sense of physical presence

-Increase a general sense of connectedness and kindness in the office

-Promote feelings of self-care and having been taken care of

Learning better sitting posture can:


-Decrease distraction of physical pain

-Decrease repetitive stress injuries and tension patterns

-Increase vitality, as an economy of energy is learned

-Improves mindfulness

-Increases longevity in the work place

Chair massage is a shorter form of massage, performed in a specifically designed massage chair that usually targets areas in the body that carry the most tension- neck, shoulder, back, arms and hands.

Proper sitting posture is an ease of sitting achieved by learning where to properly place feet, in relation to knees, proper core engagement and spinal alignment, and learning how to find one’s “vertical”.

$100 / hour

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